” MedApps Health Cloud will provide high-integrity clinical information &
 critical patient data that are both accurate and enhance care offerings.” 


Proudly helping healthcare providers to connect various specialties, including multiple departments within a institution and seamlessly  on-board  patients on to MedZit  platform.

MedApp Dynamics has built  this proprietary framework – CMS which is  being deployed across several healthcare providers in the markets that the company operates.

CMS deployment improves efficiencies to small, medium and large hospitals, speciality clinics, diagnostic institutions, pathology labs and enables them to transform into “Value based care” providers. These institutions have a secure,  instant access to their patient clinical information by logging into CMS . 

CMS is a cloud-based comprehensive bi-directional  workflow management platform designed to easily manage patient registration and onboarding, seamlessly capture all critical patient information, optimize based on treatment plan and outcome, and securely route each patient information, summary, and every record or data like pathology reports, diagnostic studies, Images that are generated at the hospital / specialized diagnostic departments, irrespective of any data size to the desired stakeholders. 

All the clinical data that originates from multiple settings are securely consolidated & shared amongst their patient’s smart devices, while adhering to the highest standards set forth by various compliance / regulatory  and data security bodies. CMS provides an intuitive clinical framework for the caregivers and clinical experts to actively monitor their patients well-being and treatment pathways.

 Secure, compliant, feature rich, simple to configure and calibrate
Upon activation of Medapps Health Cloud it just takes about 20 minutes to go live.

CMS platform is integrated with Patient Health Platform (PHP). CMS is embedded with a security and authentication layer to allow administrators at various medical institutions to securely log in and register. This is to ensure high-end data security and patient privacy, while Health care providers, both large and small, Specialty clinics, Primary care centers, Diagnostic / Pathology labs securely sign in to access the platform.

 Medzit PHP is embedded with  workflow consolidation of all critical data and analytics fire power needed to help improve earlier diagnosis , close gaps in care and accelerate findings & drive research and cure across some of the world’s most complex  difficult diseases. With access to Medzit PHP, Care providers and clinical experts will be able to more clearly identify patient cohorts , better understand that diagnostic odyssey for rare diseases patients and how to simplify this journey, identify demographic disparities , and connect  patients to appropriate health care providers and clinical specialists.

Let’s see how it works

4 step login with biometric authentication makes access so simple, yet secure!

After completing the registration process, users now can cruise to the main menu. Users can now search for location based speciality clinics, hospitals, diagnostics  centers, pathology labs etc., which enables them to select and schedule quick appointments.








Users can also look for global search options “GSO” based search  navigations for select medial institutions,  select specialists, select diagnostic or lab procedures and schedule appointments per their preference.


MedZit PHP enables all its users to now edit their personal profiles, select options for ‘my Consultations / Doctors / Specialists / Clinical  Experts sections from their profile to schedule and confirm treatment procedures, consultations by making secure payments upon which, an alert popping up indicating a notification for confirming treatment pathways.

MedZit Patient Health Profile delivers comprehensive clinical workflow consolidation of patients’ health profiles from A to Z

Personal health profile is considered as the  sweet spot for all clinically recognized and  actionable section. This include patients current as well as past medical conditions which can be constantly updated from time to time,  prescriptions, patient summary, comprehensive  pathology data, clinical details, special  notifications and reports and most importantly  diagnostic studies. MedZit PHP enable users to share their personal treatment summary  such as clinical image, diagnostic data, reports,  specialists opinions, discharge summaries and  clinical observations to securely share amongst  selected consultants across the globe.

Real time diagnostic studies now can be universally uploaded for  specialist’s real time analysis, interpretation and clinical reporting and advice.


This feature is embedded on the CMS framework, which enables various users to upload to any specialists via the PHP. This is possible due to proprietary routing protocols, lossless compression methodologies and proprietary mobile based  DICOM viewers to examine hi-fidelity images on the go.

Patients will systematically receive their dedicated QR cod via the PHP which securitizes all the clinical summary and records with superior encryption which can be securely shared with their clinical specialists.   Clinical Specialists will now be able to securely “scan My Unique  QR Code”, upon acceptance of ‘data sharing consent’ provided by  their respective patients. Going forward, the clinical specialists will not be able to access their patient’s records without prior consent and approvals of patients.

Clinical experts who are provided access to Specialist Operations Platform will now be able to view their patient’s critical clinical data (PCD) like historical medical conditions, prescriptions & medications , clinical records (pathology reports, lab data, screening test), diagnostic images such as X-Ray reports, Ultrasound, Computed tomography, nuclear imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging,  Clinical summary & Patient prior medical history.

  • QR based access to patient study history on pre-arrival
  • Patient profile
  • Managing scheduled patient’s appointments for prioritization
  • Continuous Patient engagement
  • Upfront consultation fees
  • High Definition Tele Consultation which is optimized to work on lower bandwidth