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Every Health Care organization – from providers, patients to insurance companies – is struggling to manage major forces reshaping the healthcare

Among the challenges are:

  • Aging population
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Skilled worker shortage
  • Rising costs
  • Rapidly evolving technology

MedZit is well suited for digital transformation and carefully addresses the need to adopt rapidly evolving digital health transformation to foster “value based care”. Technology is advancing at lightning speed, introducing a wealth of new opportunities as well as reducing clinical risks. Every organization is looking at ways to leverage advances in technology – from artificial intelligence (AI) and new ways of clinical workflow consolidation to harness the full potential of their people, patients and their data. 

And consumers expect their health care providers and insurers to be equally accessible from their smart mobility devices. MedZit makes this possible for organizations to adopt as well as ensure the highest levels of security and compliance.

The Opportunity

An organization’s workforce, processes and systems lie at the heart of navigating the emerging challenges. Care providers within the health eco system along with insurers are making significant investments in adopting to new technologies and systems. Their goal is to find better ways to engage with consumers, patients and leverage their enormous pools of clinical data which is a key part of their health strategy to radically improve health outcomes and the quality of care. MedZit is at the prime of this opportunity.

Our Platform

Medappdynamics has built a proprietary framework widely known as “MedApps Health Cloud” that is well poised to create the largest care coordination network and integrated platform called “MedZit” a comprehensive care coordination platform across India, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, Canada, Middle East, East Asia & Select countries in Africa.

MedApps Health Cloud will connect close to a million health care professionals across 28 states and 8 union territories in India & point of care, at each of the markets it operates virtually unifying all care settings including primary and specialty care providers, emergency departments, inpatient facilities, post-acute care facilities, Home Health Agencies, and State Health Agencies.

“MedZit – Fully integrated patient data & clinical workflow consolidation platform” with an inbuilt “Omni Channel” strategy.


Clinical Management System


Patient Health Profile


Specialist Operations Plaform

Who We Are

MedApp Dynamics was founded and incorporated by Integrated Health Ventures, which owns and operates “MedApps Health Cloud” and triage services platform – “MedZit” across United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, Canada, India, East Asia, Middle East & Africa. The company’s objective is to transform medial institutions large, medium sized, small specialty clinics, diagnostic centers, pathology chains and vital patient service providers who operate within the health care eco system to be more efficient, more patient centric and future ready.


 Sacred Heart Hospital

Sister Liz John
, Chief Administrator

Nottingham -United Kingdom

Dr. Nitin Ajithkumar,
Nottingham – United Kingdom

Government Medical College

Dr. Alfred D,


MedApp Dynamics is managed and administered by a team of extremely competent executives and professionals with the combined experience of over 100 years. The key management team is ably supported by domain experts in each of the markets the platform operates.




* MedApp Dynamics Australia is well poised to deploy MedApps Health Cloud at Macquarie Health Cloud Data Services in Sydney to provide patient services for aged care facility in the state of Victoria.   * MedApp Dynamics launches MedZit Platform on Amazon Web Services to connect 30 specialty centers in Asia.   * MedApp Dynamics sets up operations in the Middle East to cater to growing need for specialist consultations    second opinion via MedZit Platform.   * MedApp Dynamics UK offers Clinical Management System to a leading dental practice group.